Today’s kitchen cabinet trends include earthy hues, frameless cabinets, stained woods, unique color combinations, metallic accents, and many more customized options in kitchen cabinet trends. Read this informative article by Seacoast Cabinets for an introduction to the exciting trends for home design and kitchen cabinets in Massachusetts!

Bold and trending cabinet colors are making waves in the kitchen, with more homeowners opting for vibrant hues such as deep emerald greens, rich navy blues, fiery reds, and moody blacks instead of neutral tones. Not only do these vibrant hues catch the eye, but they have a distinct impact on the overall ambiance of space – stimulating appetite or soothing emotional state depending on their usage in space design. This year’s major trend in kitchen cabinets is moving toward more tailored and personalized designs by a certified kitchen and bath designer for your kitchen.

Whether traditional, rustic, or contemporary – incorporating unique cabinet elements is a fantastic way to bring life and character to your kitchen. White continues to reign supreme regarding cabinet colors, though there has been an emerging trend toward toned-down red rather than grays. Contact our certified kitchen and bath designer at Seacoast Cabinets today to learn more!

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Follow in 2024:

Gold, Silver, and Metallic Hardware

One of the most enjoyable aspects of renovating a kitchen is selecting trending cabinet hardware. Not only can it transform a functional design element into an eye-catching statement piece, but this year, homeowners are choosing unique finishes such as gold and silver to personalize their spaces truly. Brushed golden brass and champagne bronze are the go-to choices for gold hardware, as they complement light and dark cabinetry equally well. Meanwhile, traditional silver-toned knobs and pulls have made a strong comeback – cup and bin pulls provide more subtle farmhouse charm while homeowners opting for hardware with visible nailheads create a classic aesthetic.

Mixed Color Kitchen Cabinets

Earthy neutrals have seen an upsurge in popularity for kitchen cabinets. Homeowners gravitate towards shades of white; however, many also choose to pair uppers and lowers in different hues – most commonly pairing off-white uppers with dark wood tones for the bottoms – such as sage green or misty blue for added interest. This mixed-color trend echoes the more relaxed design approach that’s been taking hold across the kitchen industry, from omega custom cabinets to personalized kitchen designs, where homeowners mix design styles to create truly customized spaces. Homeowners mix transitional, soft modern, and modern traditional cabinetry in their rooms to blend aesthetics and personal flair.

Frameless Cabinet Styles

When it comes to kitchen cabinets in Massachusetts, frameless cabinet styles have grown increasingly popular in 2024, as their seamless and minimalist style maximizes interior storage space. Pairing open shelving with this trend creates an appealing aesthetic in the kitchen. Homeowners are also opting for finishes that engage their sense of touch – opting for textures over smooth options that better hide fingerprints or wear and tear.

Stained Wood Cabinets

Stained wood cabinets have become increasingly popular as homeowners strive to add warmth and coziness to their kitchens. Chandler Helms, founder of Austin, Texas-based interior design firm Chandler Helms Interiors, reports that many of her clients opt for light wood-stained cabinets rather than painted ones when selecting kitchen cabinet options. Homeowners looking for an updated, fresh kitchen are adding texture through cabinetry features such as ribbed and reeded door panels and mixing metals to give their space personality and depth. Like fashion, combining hardware and finishes is also on trend and an inexpensive way to update a room without breaking the bank.

Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets

2024 is seeing the resurgence of matte kitchen cabinet finishes. Their non-reflective nature creates a more opaque appearance that works well with traditional-style kitchens. Matte finishes can help to conceal smudges, scratches, and other flaws better than glossier options, making them a smart choice for homeowners who would rather spend their time elsewhere rather than cleaning their cabinets on an ongoing basis.

White Cabinets

White cabinets have long been the go-to color choice, but homeowners are beginning to move away from this classic shade. White may exude sophistication, but its stark appearance may feel cold and distant in your home. Kitchen cabinet trends today feature warm natural wood tones and texturized finishes that add depth, visual interest, and tactile appeal to a room. Homeowners appreciate these materials for their beauty and authentic feel in any given space.

Bold Color Combinations

Though white kitchen cabinets remain popular among many homeowners, more homeowners add color to the mix, from painted lower cabinets and accent backsplashes to bold trending cabinet colors – bold hues add impactful style and personality. In 2024, green is expected to become one of the top cabinet color trends; from soothing hues like Sage Green to Emerald Green hues, this eco-friendly hue connects you with nature while offering a relaxing ambiance. Toned-down red is another hue to consider when designing interior spaces. While brassy tones may once have been popular, designers now favor red hues that lean towards terracotta or burgundy.

No Upper Cabinets

This trend is increasingly becoming the go-to option for homeowners looking to create an open and airy kitchen space. Additionally, this style works beautifully for homes featuring stunning architectural details such as wood-clad ceilings or beams. It can be achieved in various ways, from installing floating shelves secured with beautiful brackets to adding countertop ledges for decorative display. Just be careful that any items chosen for display do not become outdated over time, as overcrowded open shelving can quickly make your room appear outdated.

Why Hire a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer?

Designing and creating your kitchen without professional guidance or services may prove costly, time-consuming, and stressful; let one of our well-experienced kitchen designers at Seacoast Cabinets assist with this journey from concept to completion. 

Professional kitchen designers can recommend products and materials that suit your budget and help you get the most trending cabinet hardware. A Seacoast Cabinet designer will ensure your project stays on schedule, producing exactly the outcome you hoped for when starting. They may even recommend other professionals, such as plumbers and electricians, for your project.

Experienced design professionals at Seacoast Cabinets can help you avoid costly errors and create an affordable space that meets your lifestyle needs. A good designer will guide you through the process with clear pricing, scope of work, and timelines; additionally, they may save money by cutting unnecessary elements from their scope of work or materials costs.


As homeowners realize the importance of keeping their spaces clutter-free, kitchens have become ever more streamlined as they adopt more effective clutter-control practices. This involves decreasing open shelves while adding more hidden storage solutions like floor-to-ceiling pantry shelving or sliding cabinets for easy accessibility.

Selecting the ideal design professional will be one of the most essential steps of your renovation process. Work with a certified kitchen and bath designer at Seacoast Cabinets to get your home’s best-trending designs and kitchen solutions when renovating a kitchen or bath. Contact us today to learn more and for the best-in-class kitchen cabinet trends.